Rachel Guérin is a French-Canadian professional wrestling manager working under the name Mademoiselle Rachelle. She currently works for the Quebec-based NCW Femmes Fatales promotion, as well as SHIMMER Women Athletes in the U.S.


Guérin first resurfaced at NCW Femmes Fatales on October 8, 2011 as Mademoiselle Rachelle, the villainous manager to Mary Lee Rose, who became a villain at Femmes Fatales VI just months prior. Rachelle was in Rose's corner as she lost dark matches at Femmes Fatales VII and Femmes Fatales VIII. Growing tired of Rose losing matches, Rachelle betrayed her at Femmes Fatales IX on July 7, 2012 by tripping her from outside, causing Rose to lose to Veda Scott. After the match, Rachelle fired Rose and revealed the Midwest Militia (Jessicka Havok, Allysin Kay, and Sassy Stephie) as her new clients. The trio later attacked Rose while Rachelle watched. During Part 1 of Femmes Fatales X on November 3, the evil Rachelle caused Rose to lose to Stephie in a singles match, but she would be at ringside at Part 2 as Stephie was defeated by X-Cute Sweet. Rachelle would see two of her clients lose singles matches at Femmes Fatales XI on March 30, 2013; Stephie losing to Sweet Cherrie and Kay losing to Cheerleader Melissa. Rachelle's feud with Rose continued at Femmes Fatales XIII on October 26, as her newest client, Jody D'Milo, was disqualified in her match against Rose after she refused to break on a five count. D'Milo continued her attack on Rose after the match ended.

Rachelle has also managed Stephie and Havok at SHIMMER Women Athletes. At Volume 53 on April 6, 2013, Rachelle's interference led to Havok, Stephie, and Nevaeh defeating Serena Deeb, Allison Danger, and Leva Bates. At Volume 54 on April 13, Rachelle and Stephie assisted in Havok's victory against Deeb.

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