Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling

Darren O'Byrne is an Irish professional wrestler better known by his ring name Mad Man Manson. He is known throughout British and European promotions for his eccentric and comedic in-ring performances.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishers Moves
    • The Institutionalizer (Sitout Inverted Front Powerslam)
    • The Windy Barnacle (Swinging Side Slam)
  • Signatures Moves
    • Corn on the Cob (Roundhouse Kick)
  • Tag Teams
  • Stables
  • The Asylum
  • The Kraze
  • Nicknames
  • "The Insane One"

Championships and accomplishments

  • DPW Mansonweight Championship
  • DPW Tag Team Championship (1-time) (with Martin Kirby)
  • RDW Traditional Championship
  • South Wales Championship Wrestling
  • SWCW Heavyweight Championship
  • Other Championships
  • Haven British Heavyweight Championship

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