MNM was a stable in World Wrestling Entertainment that consisted of Joey Mercury (previously Joey Matthews), Johnny Nitro, and manager/valet Melina Perez. Though they broke up and reunited on one occasion, while together Mercury and Nitro were three time WWE Tag Team Champions and Melina was a one time WWE Women's Champion. They have, at certain points been joined by other members, Mark Henry, Mick Foley and Jillian Hall, however Nitro, Mercury and Melina remained the only constant members.

Their gimmick was that of a trio of Hollywood celebrities, complete with a red carpet ring entrance, that had them accompanied by "paparazzi". Their group name was derived from the first letter of Mercury and Nitro's last names, along with the first letter of Melina's first: Melina Nitro Mercury.


20 January 2006 they won a dark match against the team of Brad Attitude and Jon Moxley (who would later become Dean Ambrose in what was slated to be an episode of WWE Velocity that did not air.

In wrestling

  • Ring entrance
    • After their entrance music (appropriately called "Paparazzi") starts playing, members of the "paparazzi" come out, placing a red carpet for MNM to walk on. As they walk, the paparazzi takes photos of them in exaggerated Hollywood movie premier fashion.
    • The male members of MNM usually wore fur coats to the ring. As they take them off, Melina suggestively rubs their abs while removing the title belts from their pants, where they hang in an exaggerated phallic fashion.
    • Melina has a signature entrance which involves her doing a split on the ring apron—from the floor—then bending forward and crawling under the bottom rope.
    • Melina rubbing the pants of MNM and suggestively unzipping them.

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