Marche Charisma (born 1981) is an American wrestler. Besides wrestling by his real name, Charisma is known also by ring name MDK. Charisma works solely as an independent wrestler, and has appeared throughout the eastern and southern United States wrestling territories.


Charisma first appeared in a wrestling ring around 2011. His first officially-recorded match was on March 3, 2012 for Future Of Wrestlling (FOW) at FOW Blast From The Past, where he defeated Dash Maverick. Since then, Charisma has worked for promotions including National Wrestling Alliance: Florida Underground and more notably Coastal Championship Wrestling (CCW).

Personal life

Charisma attended Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida from 2000-2002, graduating with an associate degree. He also attended Western Guilford High in Greensboro, North Carolina from 1996-1999.

Championships and accomplishments

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