Lo Down was a tag team formed in WWF in 2000 that consisted of Chaz (formerly known as Mosh of The Headbangers, and as Beaver Cleavage) and D'Lo Brown. The team was named after D'Lo Brown's finishing move called Lo Down.


The team made its debut on the July 2, 2000 episode of Sunday Night Heat simply under their respective names, Chaz and D'Lo Brown. They were renamed "Lo Down" on July 23, 2000, the Sunday Night Heat before Fully Loaded. The team enjoyed minor success but mostly wrestled on Sunday Night Heat and Metal. They did however while teaming with Jacqueline, score a pinfall victory over then current tag team champions The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita (also known as TeamXtreme) in an intergender 6 person tag match on the October 5, 2000 episode of Smackdown. Shortly after the team formed, Tiger Ali Singh joined the fray to become their manager.

After aligning with Singh, the duo were given the gimmick of two bitter Sikh wrestlers who felt that they were being held down. Their ring attire incorporated turbans and sashes, and they began using Tiger's former entrance music.


The popularity of the team rapidly dwindled, and at the 2001 Royal Rumble, they were both denied a place in the Royal Rumble, as their spot had been given to comedian Drew Carey, much to their dismay. They were however in exhange granted a shot at the tag team titles the following night on Raw but failed against the Dudleyz who won the belts the night prior. Soon afterwards, the team was taken off of television after a series of random matches. Chaz would be later released by WWF later that year and Tiger Ali-Singh would be released in 2002.

Brown was then assigned to WWF's developmental territory before later being called back up to the main roster, where he restarted his singles career and feuded for the European Championship.

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