Little Jeanne is a retired female American Professional wrestler.


Jeanne Durso aka "Little Jeanne" was a regular on the independent wrestling scene, appearing for countless independent companies including American Wrestling Alliance (NJ), International Wrestling Cartel, Professional Girl Wrestling Association, Steel City Wrestling, Appalachia Pro Wrestling, Jersey Championship Wrestling, Champion Wrestling Federation and others

Jeanne also appeared for women's promotions Dangerous Women of Wrestling, Ladies All-Pro Wrestling, Magnificent Ladies Wrestling and Women's Xtreme Wrestling.


Jeanne made several appearances on World Championship Wrestling Television programs feuding with the former Miss Madness '99, Mona in singles and in tag team matches. Her most prominent appearance was on the August 9, 1999 edition of Nitro, losing to Mona.

Rodman Down Under

Little Jeanne wrestled and defeated Brandi Wine on the i-Generation Wrestling Superstars of Wrestling Pay Per View from Sydney, Australia.


Durso was then called up the ill-fated X Wrestling Federation, where she was a referee and later teamed with Norman Smiley and feuded with Dawn Marie Psaltis. Jeanne remained with the company until it's closure.


Little Jeanne wrestled with Angel Orsini as the FBI aka Full Breasted Italians. They feuded with Team Blondage over the Women's Xtreme Wrestling tag team titles. Jeanne also unsuccessfully challenged Simply Luscious for the Women's Xtreme Wrestling singles title.

After a brief military career, Jeanne returned to wrestling on a sporadic basis and eventually retired in 2015.

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