This is a list of annual pay-per-view events held by World Championship Wrestling. Some of these events were started by the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions before Ted Turner purchased them in 1988 and changed their name to WCW in 1991. Pay-per-views held in 1998 were promoted under the WCW/nWo banner.

When WCW was purchased by the World Wrestling Federation, the WWF assumed the ownership rights of the names of these events. To date, WWE has only promoted one pay-per-view which uses the name of a former WCW supercard, namely The Great American Bash. A PPV event in 2001, Invasion, was promoted under the WWF, WCW, and ECW names as WWF vs. WCW/ECW Invasion but was technically a WWF PPV.

Before WCW's WWF buyout, their next PPV was to be called The Big Bang, instead of the previously used Spring Stampede. It was scheduled to take place on May 6, 2001. Speculation says that it was to be heavily featured around DDP, although the promotional poster for the event suggested a "Big Bang" would create a "new WCW".

Events by month

Month Pay-per-view event
January Souled Out (1997 – 2000)
Sin (2001)
February Chi-Town Rumble (1989)
NWA Wrestle War (1990)
WCW Wrestle War (1991)
SuperBrawl (1992 – 2001)
March Uncensored (1995 – 2000)
Greed (2001)
April Spring Stampede (1994; 1997 – 2000)
May NWA Wrestle War (1989)
WCW Wrestle War (1992)
Capital Combat (1990)
SuperBrawl (1991)
Slamboree (1993 – 2000)
June Beach Blast (1992)
The Great American Bash (1995 – 2000)
July The Great American Bash (1991 – 1992)
Beach Blast (1993)
Bash at the Beach (1994 – 2000)
August Hog Wild (1996)
Road Wild (1997 – 1999)
New Blood Rising (2000)
September Fall Brawl (1993 – 2000)
October Halloween Havoc (1989 – 2000)
November Battlebowl (1993)
World War 3 (1995 – 1998)
Mayhem (1999 – 2000)
December Starrcade (1991 – 2000)


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