This is a chronological list of pay-per-views promoted by New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW).

Current pay-per-view events
Month Event
January NJPW Wrestle Kingdom
February The New Beginning The New Beginning
May Wrestling Dontaku
June Dominion
August G1 Climax

Upcoming pay-per-view schedule

Date Event Venue City
February 11, 2015
February 14, 2015
NJPW The New Beginning In Osaka 2015
NJPW The New Beginning In Sendai
Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
Osaka, Japan
Sendai, Japan

Former pay-per-view events

Pay-per-view Year(s) Active Note
NJPW Wrestling World 1996 1996 N/A
NJPW Final Power Hall in Fukuoka Dome 1997 N/A
NJPW Antonio Inoki Retirement Show 1998 N/A
NJPW Strong Style Symphony - New Japan Spirit 1999 1999 N/A
NJPW Jingu Climax 1999 N/A
NJPW Final Dome 1999 1999 N/A
NJPW Dome Impact 2000 N/A
NJPW Riki Choshu Revival 2000 N/A
NJPW The 2nd Judgement! 2000 N/A
NJPW Fighting Spirit 2002 N/A
NJPW Super-Force Group Declaration 2001 2001 N/A
NJPW G1 World 2001 2001 N/A
NJPW Survival 2001 - Fighting Destination In Fukuoka 2001 N/A
NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors IX 2002 N/A
NJPW The Spiral 2002 N/A
NJPW Fukuoka Fighting Spirit Memorial Day ~ Toukon Series 2002 2002 N/A
NJPW Ultimate Crush 2003 N/A
NJPW Summer Struggle 2003 N/A
NJPW Osaka Dream Night 2003 N/A
NJPW Yokohama Dead Out 2003 N/A
NJPW King Of Sports 2004 N/A
NJPW Nexess 2004-2005 N/A
NJPW Toukon Festival 2004 N/A
NJPW Battle Final 2004 N/A
NJPW New Year Gold Series 2005 N/A
NJPW Golden Fight Series 2005 N/A
NJPW Toukon Souzou New Chapter 2005 N/A
NJPW Circuit 2006 Acceleration 2006 N/A
NJPW New Japan ISM 2007-2010 N/A
NJPW New Japan Brave 2007-2010 N/A
NJPW Destruction 2008-2010 N/A
NJPW Resolution 2009 N/A
NJPW Masahiro Chono 25th Anniversary ~ Aristrist in Ryogoku Kokugikan 2009 N/A
NJPW New Japan Soul 2010 N/A
NJPW Climax Special 2010 N/A
NJPW New Japan Alive 2010 N/A
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