Linda Joaquin, better known under her ring name Linda Dallas, is a former American wrestler


After training with Killer Kowalski, Linda began wrestling in the Northeastern/New England independent wrestling scene. In 1985 Linda won the IWF Women's title defeating Lady Liberty. Dallas lost the title to Misty Blue, and the two feuded for the title in World Class Wrestling Association, International Championship Wrestling, Continental Wrestling Association and the independent scene.

Jim Crockett Promotions

Linda's big break came with Jim Crockett Promotions and became a fixture on NWA television and live events as part of a faction, led by her sister Mad Dog Debbie Irons. The run concluded in 1988 and Linda and company returned to the independents.

Delta Tiger Lillies

Next stop was Delta Tiger Lillies in Las Vegas, Nevada, which was a pre-cursor to the LPWA.

Ladies Professional Wrestling Association

The Nasty Girls with Kat LeRoux joined the newly formed LPWA and became contenders for the LPWA World tag team title. They lost in the tournament semi-finals but were strong contenders for the titles for the stay in the company. They did win the titles on one occasion, but the belts were returned when Wally Karbo overturned the decision.

The Nasty Girls left the LPWA at the end of 1991 and returned to the northeast independents until both Kat and Linda both retired in 1995.

Personal Life

After retiring from wrestling, she moved to South Carolina, where resides with her husband, Ralph, and works in the fashion business.

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