On July 25, 2011, CMLL released a poster for an event, which revealed that after a two-year break, Leyenda de Azul would return on July 29. While CMLL was still on bad terms with Blue Demon, Jr., the tournament was instead endorsed by his adopted brother and Blue Demon's biological son, El Hijo de Blue Demon, who also presented Mr. Niebla with the trophy after his win.

# Eliminated Eliminated by Time
1 Metro Psicosis II
2 Psicosis II El Hijo del Fantasma
3 Ángel de Oro Rey Bucanero
4 Último Guerrero Jon Strongman
5 Jon Strongman Rey Bucanero, El Terrible and El Texano, Jr.
6 Rey Bucanero Shocker
7 El Hijo del Fantasma El Texano, Jr.
8 El Texano, Jr. Rush
9 Shocker El Terrible
10 El Terrible Shocker (Double elimination)
11 Blue Panther Héctor Garza
12 Héctor Garza Rush
13 Rush Mr. Niebla
14 Máximo Atlantis
15 Atlantis Mr. Niebla
16 Winner Mr. Niebla

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