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The 5th Leyenda de Azul took place on November 4, 2006 and was like the 2005 version a one night, 16-man single elimination tournament. CMLL used the same tournament format as the previous year as they had the winner of the first and the last match of the first round face off in the finals. The finals saw Rey Bucanero defeat Atlantis to win the trophy and belt.


  First round Second round Semifinals Final
1  Rey Bucanero W  
16  Damián 666    
     Rey Bucanero W  
     Black Warrior    
8  Heavy Metal  
9  Black Warrior W  
     Rey Bucanero W  
     Héctor Garza    
5  Último Guerrero W  
12  Damian El Terrible    
     Último Guerrero  
     Héctor Garza W  
4  Olímpico  
13  Héctor Garza W  
     Rey Bucanero  
6  Dr. Wagner, Jr. W  
11  Pierroth, Jr.    
     Dr. Wagner, Jr. W
     Alex Koslov    
3  Hirooki Goto  
14  Alex Koslov W  
     Dr. Wagner, Jr.  
     Atlantis W  
7  Lizmark, Jr. W  
10  Halloween    
     Lizmark, Jr.  
     Atlantis W  
2  Último Dragón  
15  Atlantis W  

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