Len Olsen (October 30, 1968) is a Canadian professional wrestler better known as Dr. Luther or Lenny St. Claire. He has wrestled for various promotions in Japan as well as multiple independent promotions, as well as making a few appearances for Extreme Championship Wrestling. He currently resides in Bellingham, Washington.


One of the truly underrated talents of the last 15 years, veteran performer Len Olson returns to the wrestling stage as a member of WRESTLING REVOLUTION PROJECT. Steeled by the death tours of Canada and the exploding barbed-wire rings of the legendary FMW, this man has caused mayhem everywhere he's been. Trained by Keith Hart, Len Olson emerged from the great class of Canadian talent that included his peers and close friends Chris Jericho and Lance Storm. Eschewing the trademark scientific teachings of the Harts, Olson took his talents to Japan where as "Dr. Luther" he terrorized FMW in classic battles against The Sheik, Sabu and Atsushi Onita. Olson would later go on to influence a whole new generation of rising Canadian talent including Edge and Christian. Almost criminally underexposed in the United States, Len Olson is a man with a chapter of his wrestling story still left unwritten. That chapter is WRP.

We are ecstatic to unleash Len Olson upon WRESTLING REVOLUTION PROJECT.

Please join us again tomorrow when we reveal the next member of WRP.

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