Legends with JBL was an original show that debuted on September 21, 2015 on the WWE Network. It stars John Bradshaw Layfield. The last episode aired on February 14, 2017 featuring Jimmy Hart.


No. Title Original air date Notes
1 Eric Bischoff September 21, 2015 JBL shoots straight with the controversial Eric Bischoff in this first of a hard-hitting two-part interview with the former WCW President!
2 Eric Bischoff September 24, 2015
3 Undertaker’s Greatest Rivals November 16, 2015 JBL brings together a star-studded panel to celebrate 25 years of The Undertaker in this first of two exclusive Legends with JBL episodes.
4 Undertaker’s Greatest Rivals November 19, 2015
5 Brian James January 18, 2016 JBL sits down with Brian James to discuss life as a Marine, his battles with personal demons and his current role behind the scenes at WWE.
6 Ron Simmons February 1, 2016 JBL sits down with Ron Simmons to discuss his personal life, becoming an All-American football star at FSU, and his legendary WWE career.
7 Michael Hayes March 29, 2016 JBL interviews 2016 Hall of Famer Michael Hayes and discusses the Freebird's legendary career, as well as the controversies surrounding him.
8 Booker T August 1, 2016 JBL's interview continues with Booker T revealing the highs, lows and backstage controversies experienced during the Hall of Famer's career.
9 Booker T August 1, 2016
10 Sting August 19, 2016 JBL interviews the Icon Sting in a rare interview that covers the Hall of Famer's WCW career as well as his shocking retirement from WWE.
11 Scott Hall & Kevin Nash September 19, 2016 JBL sits down with WWE Hall of Famers Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to talk about everything from WCW to their impact on sports entertainment.
12 Bruno Sammartino October 17, 2016 JBL sits down with Bruno Sammartino to discuss some memorable exploits from his extraordinary career in sports entertainment.
13 Alundra Blayze December 14, 2016 JBL sits down with the WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze to discuss a trailblazing career of controversy and success.
14 Stan Hansen February 7, 2017 WWE Hall of Famer, Stan Hansen discusses everything from breaking Bruno Sammartino's neck, to his rivalry with Andre the Giant!
15 Jimmy Hart February 14, 2017 JBL and the legendary Jimmy Hart discuss his Hall of Fame career, the controversy surrounding Hulk Hogan, and working with Andy Kaufman.

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