Lacey, (April 27, 1983) is a former American wrestler, working with numerous promotions throughout her career such as Ring of Honor, SHIMMER, IWA-Mid South, and NWA Midwest. She was known as the "smartest business woman" in Ring of Honor, where she previously led a stable of wrestlers as their manager called Lacey's Angels. She was also a member of The Age of the Fall alongside her long-time (kayfabe) love interest, Jimmy Jacobs, until she turned on him and sided with Austin Aries, and was a part of The YRR stable in Full Impact Pro. She regularly teamed with Rain as the Minnesota Homewrecking Crew (a play on the name of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew) and then with the addition of British wrestler Jetta as the International Homewrecking Crew in SHIMMER.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Implant DDT
    • TKO
  • Nicknames
    • "Lovely"

Championships and accomplishments

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