Kristin Flake (August 5, 1984) is an independent professional wrestler who has worked for various promotions. She began her wrestling career in 2003 as a valet in CWF Mid-Atlantic. In 2007, she began to train under The Kamikazi Kid and made her debut as a wrestler. Since making her debut she has wrestled for WEW, VCW, CWF Mid-Atlantic, WCEW, NWA Mid Atlantic, MAPW, NWA Carolinas, CWS, and CWA.


During her teenage years, Kristin began training with Dory Funk Jr. for a short time during a summer break from school. However, she suffered a back injury (not in the ring) took several years off for recovery. At age 19, she moved to North Carolina and started valeting for CWF Mid-Atlantic. She took some more time off for school. In 2007 she started training full-time with a friend, The Kamakazi Kid.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Facebuster
  • Front Facelock-drop

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