Kristian Kurki is a Finnish professional wrestler known for his work in Fight Club Finland.

Professional wrestling career

Fight Club Finland (2010-2014)

Kurki first wrestled on November 13, 2010 at FCF Marraskuun Mättö in a match won by Gabriel Antonick. He returned on December 11 at FCF Talvisota V teaming with Jani Järvinen & Kageman Guro in a six-man tag team match won by Aurora & The Blondies (Hector Le Chef & Jean Sensation).

Kurki returned in 2011 on February 5 at FCF Jatkosota 2011 in a match won by Jani Järvinen. Kurki wrestled in a Rumble match at FCF Spring Rumble won by Ibo Ten on April 2. He wrestled throughout the remainder of 2011 in mostly singles matches, winning his last singles match of 2011 at FCF Kallio Rumble, defeating Jessica Love

In 2012, Kurki wrestled only three times beginning on January 20 at FCF Lahden Löylytys II, wrestling alongside Johnny McMetal in a tag team match won by Beauty And Beast (Heimo Ukonselkä & Valentine). On February 25, Kurki defeated Valentine at FCF Talvisota VI. On April 20 at FCF Jatkosota 2012, Kurki teamed with Jean Sensation, Johnny McMetal& Vladimir Petrov in an Eight Man Elimination match won by the team of Jessica Love, Ricky Vendetta, Valentine & Vili Luupää.

Kurki's only match during the following year in 2013 was on November 30 at FCF Saturday Wrestling Slam, defeating Bako.

On January 11, 2014 at FCF Saturday Wrestling Slam 2, Kurki joined forces with Mikko Maestro, Sly Sebastian & Starbuck to defeat Conny Mejsel, Robert Holmström, Steinbolt & Valentine. On March 8 at FCF Talvisota VIII Kurki teamed with Sly Sebastian to defeat Ricky Vendetta & Stark Adder. Kurki's most recent match was on April 12, 2014 at FCF Jatkosota 2014 where he and his teammates Sly Sebastian & Starbuck wrestled in a six-man tag team match won by Heimo Ukonselkä, Ricky Vendetta & Stark Adder.

In wrestling

  • Signature moves
  • Kurkiaura
  • Moonsault
  • Standing Moonsault
  • Vertical Suplex

Championships and accomplishments

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