Alex Mann (April 13, 1979) is an English professional wrestler better known by the names KrackerJak and The Mad Bastard. Although born in England, Mann has spent the majority of his career wrestling in Australia.

Debuting on the Australian professional scene in 2000, KrackerJak is one of the most well-known, well-traveled professional wrestlers in the country, having wrestled for most Australian promotions and competing on a regular basis.

Predominantly a comedic brawler, KrackerJak is also infamous as one of Australia's major hardcore wrestlers along with Mad Dog McCrea, both wrestlers bearing scars from barbed wire hardcore matches.

In May 2015, KrackerJak was thrown into the ocean by Melbourne-based tag team Slade Mercer and Gabriel Wolfe, washing up on a mysterious shore in a twelve-month storyline told in a series of short online films that saw KrackerJak surviving in the wilderness, trying to find his way home.

The character appeared to be killed off in March 2016, with a tribute video appearing on the KrackerJak YouTube channel.

It was later revealed that KrackerJak survived his island ordeal and returned to wrestling in mid 2016 to avenge his exile, resuming competition throughout Australia.

In July 2016, KrackerJak signed the first ever Australian Legends Contract and founded the KrackerJak Mentorship Program for the Wrestling Disadvantaged, taking on young, Melbourne-based wrestler Lochy Hendricks as his first protege.

In Wrestling

  • Finishers
  • Britney Spear (Spear)
  • Bastard Lock (Texas Cloverleaf)
  • Signature moves
  • Spinal Tap (Chokeslam variation on raised knee)
  • General dirty fighting (eye and groin attacks)
  • Nicknames
  • "The Mad Bastard"
  • "Uncle Krackers"
  • Teams and stables

Championships and accomplishments

  • PWA Victorian Championship
  • PWA Tag Team Championship (with Logan)
  • Warzone Wrestling Champion (2 times)
  • Wrestlerock Champion (3 times)
  • PCW Heavyweight Champion

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