King of the Ring 1991 was the sixth King of the Ring tournament which took place on September 7, 1991 in Providence, Rhode Island.


First Round

Non-Tournament Matches

Quaterfinal Round

Semifinal Round

Final Round

Tournament Brackets

  First Round Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 Hawk DQ  
 Jerry Sags 3:02  
   Jerry Sags    
 The Dragon Draw
 Ted DiBiase 15:00  
   Jerry Sags Pin  
   Irwin R. Schyster 1:22  
 Jim Duggan Pin  
 Brian Knobbs 5:04  
   Jim Duggan Pin
   Irwin R. Schyster 3:16  
 The Berzerker CO
 Irwin R. Schyster 2:51  
   Irwin R. Schyster Pin
   Bret Hart 10:00
 Pete Doherty Sub  
 Bret Hart 0:33  
   Bret Hart Sub
   Skinner 4:47  
 Skinner Pin
 Virgil 5:02  
   Bret Hart  
 Sid Justice Pin  
 The Warlord 3:23  
   The Undertaker DDQ
   Sid Justice 4:08  
 Animal Pin
 The Undertaker 3:40  

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