The King of Europe Cup (KOE Cup) was a European wrestling tournament held on April 28 & 29 of 2007. Held in the Liverpool Olympia, it was a 16-man knock-out tournament in which the participants each represented their promotion.


Representative Promotion
Ares wXw
Chris Hero CZW
Claudio Castagnoli CHIKARA
Davey Richards PWG
Doug Williams Premier Pro
El Generico IWS
Go Shiozaki NOAH
Jody Fleisch 1PW
Martin Stone RQW
Matt Sydal IWA MS
Nigel McGuinness ROH
Rhino TNA
Ryo Saito Dragon Gate
Trent Acid PWU
Zebra Kid WAW


  Round of 16

28 April


29 April


29 April


29 April

 Chris Hero Pin  
 Claudio Castagnoli 14:18  
   Chris Hero 16:34  
   Doug Williams Pin  
 Doug Williams Pin
 Ares 14:08  
   Doug Williams Pin  
   Matt Sydal 9:19  
 Ryo Saito Pin  
 Jody Fleisch 15:04  
   Ryo Saito 10:03
   Matt Sydal Pin  
 Matt Sydal Pin
 El Generico 12:25  
   Doug Williams 18:49
   Nigel McGuiness Pin
 Go Shiozaki Pin  
 Martin Stone 13:30  
   Go Shiozaki 15:51
   Davey Richards Pin  
 Davey Richards Pin
 Zebra Kid 12:05  
   Davey Richards 6:51
   Nigel McGuiness Pin  
 Pac Pin  
 Trent Acid 17:24  
   Pac 10:50
   Nigel McGuiness Pin  
 Nigel Mcguiness Pin
 Rhino 14:47  

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