Ross Tweddell (August 2), better known as King Ross, is a writer for Whatculture, presenter of WTF Moments of WWE Raw, Smackdown, PPVs and WCPW shows.

WTF Moments

Ross first appeared with the 'WTF Moments from WWE Raw February 8th'. The next episode of WWE Raw, Ross began to dress like a king and called himself King Ross. He also did the WTF Moments from a WWE PPV. Later on, he began to do the WTF Moments from SmackDown. The first seconds, the show was presented by Jack The Jobber before he got attacked by King Ross, just like Chris Jericho attacked Dean Ambrose. The WTF Moments were presented by Jack The Jobber, from the June 9th episode of SmackDown until the June 23rd episode of SmackDown. When WCPW: Loaded aired, King Ross began to do the WTF Moments from WCPW: Loaded.

WTF Moments Intros

During the intros of WTF Moments, King Ross has done different things for his intros:

  • Intros with Little King Ross
  • Parodying movie scenes
  • Parodying wrestling entrances


King Ross has commentated alongside Simon Miller and later Adam Blampied for WCPW: Loaded. He and Miller were announced as the commentators during the video 'Adam Pacitti introduces the WCPW Commentary Team'. He commentated WCPW: Loaded Episode 1, 2, 3 and 4. After Episode 4, he said in Tweet that Simon Miller, Adam Blampied and himself would stop with commentating the matches. Although he and Adam Blampied still commentate the WCPW unseen matches. King Ross was also featured on Botchamainia 319 for correcting Simon's botching of El Ligero's name repeatedly.


King Ross has his own merchandise: Shirts with 'I'm A Loyal Subject' on it. The shirts are available in the colours black and purple. On Sep, 13, 2016 Whatculture released the "John o'Clock" T-shirt, coined from Ross catchphrase "It's John o'Clock Motherf**kers!!"

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