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Kazuo Yamazaki (August 15, 1962) is a former Japanese professional wrestler, who is known for his work in UWF International.

Career History

Yamazaki's wrestling career began at 1982 in New Japan Pro Wrestling. In 1984, Yamazaki joined the Japanese UWF. He rejoined New Japan in 1986 as a junior heavyweight. Despite this, he found more success upon turning heavyweight in 1987, winning the IWGP Tag Team Championship with one of his mentors, Yoshiaki Fujiwara. In 1988, however, the UWF was reconstituted and Yamazaki joined it.

In 1991, Yamazaki joined UWF International. In UWF International, he supported Nobuhiko Takada, but after being overlooked several times for shots at Takada's UWFI Heavyweight championship, he decided to quit and return to New Japan on his own. He won two more IWGP tag team titles, first with Takashi Iizuka and then with Kensuke Sasaki. During the New Japan vs. UWFI feud in 1996, Yamazaki participated on New Japan's side, but mostly as a behind-the-scenes supporter, training rookies Yuji Nagata and Tokimitsu Ishizawa (Kendo Ka Shin) in the use of the shoot-style.

Yamazaki retired in 2000, but still works as a wrestling instructor at the New Japan Pro Wrestling dojo and sometimes acts as color commentator for the NJPW program on TV Asahi.

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