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The June 3, 2021 Edition of Impact was a Professional wrestling television show of Impact Wrestling. It was taped in Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.


The show opened by continuing a match that started on Before The Impact: Josh Alexander (with Petey Williams) defending his Impact X Division Championship against TJP (with Fallah Bahh) in a 60 minute Iron Man match. After 20 minutes of grappling, Alexander got his 1st fall with a rollup. The match then went 30 minutes without a fall, and the rest of the roster came out to watch it in person. TJP hit a frog splash, but Alexander kicked out. Alexander locked in the ankle lock, and with just 5 seconds left, TJP countered into a rollup, earning a fall and ending the match in a draw. The match went into sudden death, and Alexander won after hitting the Divine Intervention.

Following this, Rohit Raju faced Jake Something in a tables match. Rohit focused on Jake's arm through the match, hitting it with a chair several times, and later hit him with a diving stomp while he was bent over two chairs. After Jake nailed the Black Hole Slam, Rohit threw a chair into his face, but he no-sold it and speared him through a table to win the match.

The next match was supposed to be Rich Swann against W. Morrisey, but Morrisey attacked Swann while he was making his entrance. After he hit a big boot, security had to prevent him from doing any more damage. Willie Mack then rushed to the ring and hit him in the back with a chair, but it didn't seem to have any effect. Security continued trying to stop Morrisey, and he eventually went backstage.

After this, Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering challenged the Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire 'N Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) by using their rematch clause. The challengers hit a muscle buster/powerbomb combo on Tasha, but she kicked out. Tasha took out Ellering with a DDT on the floor, then hit Grace with a frog splash while Kiera had her in a sleeper hold and pinned her to keep the titles.

Up next, the debuting Satoshi Kojima faced Deaner, who was accompanied by the rest of Violent By Design: Eric Young, Rhino, & Kojima's Against All Odds opponent Joe Doering. In the end, Doering tried to interfere, but Eddie Edwards stopped him, and Kojima hit Deaner with the Koji Cutter and a lariat to win the match.

The main event was a singles match between Moose and Sami Callihan. Sami got a near fall with a piledriver, then attempted a second one, but The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) invaded the ring and hit him with the Magic Killer, ending the match in a no contest. Kenny Omega and Don Callis came out as well, and Omega joined in on attacking the two competitors.


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