Juggernaut is an English professional wrestler.


Freed early from his 25-year man slaughter sentence in a Lagos prison, Juggernaut's release was secured after he was tracked down by high flying lawyer Alan A.A Tasker. Tasker negotiated his release and brought him to GPW.

Uncontrollable and animalistic in his offence, it is no wonder Juggernaut ended up behind bars. With immense strength and power getting into the way of the Juggernaut is not good for your health.

He captured the GPW British Championship on his debut, fast forward 2 years and he's added the GPW Heavyweight title to his accolades too.

In wrestling

Finishing Moves

  • The Claw,
  • Spinal Snap,
  • Showdown Suplex,
  • Lockdown,
  • Cell Block-Breaker,
  • Welcome To Lagos,
  • Prison Break,
  • The Claw Breaker

Championships and accomplishments

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