John McChesney is an American Professional wrestler. He is better known for his performances in the Pennsylvania based professional wrestling promotions Pro Wrestling Rampage and International Wrestling Cartel, where he is a three-time IWC World Heavyweight Champion and a seven-time IWC Super Indy Championship.


New Era Pro Wrestling (2001-2008)

McChesney had his debut match in this promotion in 2001 under the in-ring name of Fabulous as part of the tag-team PHAT alongside Brandon X whit whom he challenged for the NEPW United States Tag Team Championship. In 2002, McChesney started using the in-ring name of Richard Weede; it was also at this year when he unsuccessfully challenged Al B. Damm for the NEPW Cruiserweight Championship. On February 2004, he captured the NEPW Triple Crown Championship, which he successfully defended against several opponents. In 2006, now going by the name of John McChesney, he captured the NEPW Triple Crown Title once again.

Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling (2002-2004)

McChesney debuted in this promotion as Fabulous on February 9, 2002, defeating AERO in a singles match. On November 9, 2003, Fabulous unsuccessfully challenged Jason Bane for the CAPW Television Championship. On December 7, AERO and Fabulous defeated the team of DisCole Fever and Sheik Abdul Hassan to win the CAPW Tag Team Championships, titles that they held for 42 days before losing it back to the latter team on January 18, 2004, in a no disqualifications match.

Mega Championship Wrestling (2002-2004)

In 2002 and 2003, McChesney under the name of Fabulous, teamed whit Brandon X as part of PHAT to unsuccessfully challenge for the MCW United States Tag Team Championship 2 times. On February 1, 2003, at MCW No Love Lost 2003, Fabulous defeated AERO to win the MCW Light Heavyweight Championship. On June 17, Fabulous unsuccessfully challenged J-Rocc for the MCW United States Championship.

Union Of Independent Professional Wrestlers (2003-2004, 2007)

McChesney was part of the very first show of this promotion on March 18, 2003, at UIPW Pay Your Dues! as Fabulous; he defeated AERO to become the first ever UIPW Keystone State Cruiserweight Champion, title that he held for 176 and defended against AERO, M-Dogg 20, Sterling James Keenan and Kevin Grace before losing it to Sterling James Keenan in a ladder match on October 11 at UIPW Wrestlestock. On March 24, 2004 at UIPW Wrestlestock 2K4, he returned to the promotion now wrestling as John McChesney, to compete in the UIPW Heavyweight Title Tournament, defeating J-Rocc in the first round, Toby Klein in the semi-final, and Rocky Reynolds in the finals to win the UIPW Heavyweight Championship, which he had to vacate when the promotion became inactive. In the returning show of UNION on September 8, 2007, UIPW Born Again, McChesney defeated El Generico in a singles match. McChesney then participated in the UIPW Heavyweight Title Tournament, advancing to the finals, where he was defeated by Steve Corino.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2003-2004)

From October 2003 to August 2004, McChesney participated in several TNA events as enhancement talent, losing in singles matches against the likes of Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Jerry Lynn and Sonny Siaki while also participating in some tag team matches.

International Wrestling Cartel (2003-Present)

Start in the company and time in the Super Indy division (2003-2008)

McChesney debuted as Fabulous whit IWC on September 13, 2003, at IWC Revengeance, losing to Dustin Ardine in a singles match. On February 28, 2004, Fabulous was defeated by Jimmy Jacobs in a qualifying match for the first Super Indy Tournament; in the following weeks, he started to wrestle as John McChesney. On July 17 atShowdown In Turkey Town 3 he got his first win in the promotion defeating Matt Cross in a singles match. On November 13, McChesney unsuccessfully challenged Chris Sabin for the IWC Super Indy Championship; after Sabin had to vacate the championship due to injury, McChesney participated in a four-way elimination match for the vacant title on December 11 which also involved Josh Prohibition, Petey Williams and Sterling James Keenan, with the latter being the winner and new Champion. On February 27, 2005, at IWC Wild At The Palisades, McChesney defeated Josh Prohibition to win a spot in the Super Indy IV Tournament, which, on April 29, McChesney won after defeating CM Punk in the first round, Glenn Spectre in the semi-finals and Low Ki in the finals to not only win the tournament but also win his first IWC Super Indy Championship; McChesney held the title for 113 days and successfully defended it against Christopher Daniels in a steel cage match and Claudio Castagnoli in a singles match, before losing it to Sterling James Keenan in an IWC exhibition match on August 20 at the Ring of Honor event ROH Do or Die V. Six days later at IWC Summer Sizzler 2, McChesney defeated Keenan in their rematch to win the championship for the second time; he held the title for 204 days and successfully defended it 5 times before losing it to Low Ki on March 18, 2006. After unsuccessfully challenging the winner of the Super Indy V Tournament, Delirious, for the Super Indy title in the month of August, on November 11 at IWC November Pain 2, McChesney defeated Delirious in a singles match where Delirious's manager Daizee Haze was banned from ringside to win the Super Indy title for the third time. Yet still, McChesney didn't hold the championship for long (69 days) as he lost it on January 19, 2007, at IWC A New Beginning Too to Troy Lords, who defeated McChesney on 2 more occasions to defend his championship. On May 11, at the IWC Super Indy VI event, McChesney participated in a four corners elimination match for the Super Indy title whit the Champion Troy Lords, Eric Young and Jason Gory, whit the latter winning and having to vacate the title that same night so the winner of the Super Indy VI Tournament, Larry Sweeney, became the new Champion. McChesney then defeated Sweeney on July 7 at IWC Summer Sizzler 4. McChesney held the title for 196 days and successfully defended it 5 times before losing it back to Larry Sweeney on January 19, 2008, at IWC A New Beginning 2008. In the month of April McChesney entered the Super Indy VII Tournament, but was eliminated by Ricky Reyes in the first round.

Time in the Heavyweight division (2008-2016)

In the month of October 2008, McChesney entered a tournament to determine the new IWC World Heavyweight Champion; he defeated Vendetta in the first round but was defeated in the quarter finals by the eventual winner of the tournament, Shiima Xion. Then, on August 1, 2009, at IWC No Excuses 5, McChesney unsuccessfully challenged Shiima Xion for the World Heavyweight title. On May 8, 2010, at the IWC Super Indy IX event, McChesney once again challenged for the title this time against Champion at the time Jimmy DeMarco in a match that ended in disqualification. This led to another match between the two on November 20 at IWC Winner Takes All, a last man standing, career vs career match with the IWC World Heavyweight Championship on the line; McChesney defeated DeMarco to win the World Heavyweight title for the first time in his career. In the following months, he successfully defended the championship several times against numerous opponents. On October 22, 2011, at IWC No Excuses 6: The IWC 10th Anniversary, The Founding Fathers (McChesney and Dean Radford) were defeated by Shiima Xion and the returning Jimmy DeMarco in an extreme rules tag team match where the fans brought the weapons. McChesney and DeMarco battled once again on November 5 at IWC Combat in Clearfield 2 inside of a steel cage, whit DeMarco defeating McChesney and earning himself a shot at McChesney's World Heavyweight title. After holding the Championship for 385 days and successfully defending it in 10 occasions, on December 10 at Winner Takes All 2011 McChesney lost the IWC World Heavyweight title to Jimmy DeMarco in a three-way that also involved Shiima Xion. On January 27, 2012, at IWC Pure Talent, DeMarco once again defeated McChesney in a steel cage match whit the World Heavyweight title on the line. In the following months, McChesney started a rivalry whit the new World Heavyweight Champion Logan Shulo who defeated Jimmy DeMarco in the month of March; on June 26 at the IWC Super Indy XI event Shulo defeated McChesney by count out and again on August 25 at IWC Caged Fury 2012 in a steel cage match, leaving both times still World Heavyweight Champion. On December 15 at Winner Takes All 2012, after Logan Shulo defeated Sami Callihan to retain the World Heavyweight title and win the Super Indy Championship in a champion vs champion winner takes all match, McChesney (Who also had a match earlier in the night losing to Tommy Dreamer in an extreme rules match) challenged Shulo for the World Heavyweight title; after 15 seconds, he hit Shulo whit a superkick and got the 3 count to win his second IWC World Heavyweight Championship. After 364 days as Champion and 11 successful defenses of the title (Whit most of them being by disqualification and count out), on December 14, 2013, at Winner Takes All 2013, McChesney lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Dalton Castle. On December 13, 2014, at Winner Takes All 2014 McChesney was defeated by Matt Hardy in a steel cage match whit Jimmy DeMarco as special guest referee. After more than a year of being away from the World Heavyweight title scene, on October 17, 2015, McChesney won his third IWC World Heavyweight Championship after defeating Jimmy Nutts and the Champion at the time Rhyno in a three-way, but lost it in his first defense on December 12 at IWC Winner Takes All 2015 to Jimmy Nutts in a ladder match.

Time in the tag-team division and return to the Super Indy division (2016-Present)

From May 2016 to February 2017 McChesney unsuccessfully challenged The Fraternity (Channing Decker and Trent Gibson) for the IWC Tag Team Championships 4 times whit 3 different partners: Britt Baker in one occasion, Asylum in another and Daniel Hooven in the last two occasions. On March 11, 2017, at IWC Sixteen McChesney unsuccessfully challenged Chris LeRusso for the IWC Super Indy Championship. They once again fought on April 8 at IWC Night Of The Superstars 6 in a singles match whit Ricky Steamboat as the special guest referee; McChesney defeated LeRusso to win his fifth Super Indy title and become the wrestler whit the most reigns whit the Championship, but he lost it back to LeRusso in his first defense on May 13 in a best two out of three falls match whit LeRusso winning whit 2 falls to 1. On July 22 at IWC Threat Level Midnight McChesney defeated the winner of the Super Indy 16 Tournament Adam Cole to win the Super Indy Championship once again, but this time, after suffering an injury, he had to vacate the Championship on August 19 at the IWC Caged Fury 2017 event and he personally handed it to the winner of a four-way to determine the new Champion: Jason Gory.

Upstate Pro Wrestling (2004-2011)

McChesney had his debut at Upstate on July 10, 2004 at the Total Carnage event defeating Jimmy Olsen in a singles match. On February 11, 2006, at the February Fallout 2006 event McChesney won the NWA Upstate No Limits Championship after winning a triple threat facing the Champion Dicky Sanchez and Hornet; he successfully defended the title against John Walters on April 8 but lost it to Cheech on October 7 after 238 as Champion. Also on June 10 McChesney, representing his faction The Star Foundation, teamed whit Madden Fisher to defeat the team of Mastiff and Glenn Spectre to qualify for the Upstate 8 Tag Team Tournament 2006, but he lost in the first round on August 26 against the NWA Upstate Tag Team Champions Up In Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy), this time teaming whit another member of The Star Foundation: Sterling James Keenan. On September 29, 2007, at the NWA Upstate The Indytational event McChesney won the Indytational Tournament after defeating Judas Young in the first round, Sterling James Keenan in the second round and Jimmy Olsen in the finals. In the following months, McChesney unsuccessfully challenged Jimmy Olsen twice for the NWA Upstate Heavyweight Championship on November 24 in a singles match and on January 12, 2008 in a triple threat against Olsen and Danny Doring. On June 26, 2010, at the Continuing The Traditionevent McChesney defeated Pepper Parks in a number one contendership for the NWA New York Heavyweight Championship, starting a rivalry whit the holder of said title: Gabe Saint. On August 28 McChesney and Saint went to a time limit draw in a match for the Championship: this led to another title match between the two on October 23 in a Brass Knuckles On A Pole match that was won by Saint. On December 18 at the Corporate Holiday 2010 event McChesney defeated Saint in a No Disqualification match to win the NWA New York Heavyweight Championship. On February 5, 2011, at the February Fallout 2011 event, McChesney and Ricky Reyes were fighting for the NY Heavyweight Title until Cheech was added to the match making it a triple threat that Cheech won.

Other promotions (2004-Present)

McChesney has made shorts appearances in other promotions like NWA Wildside (2004), IWA Mid-South (2004), Ballpark Brawl (2005, 2006 and 2007), Absolute Intense Wrestling (2006-2007), New Vision Pro Wrestling (2007), NWA Empire (2007-2008), PRIME Wrestling (2007), Far North Wrestling (2007-2008), Stranglehold Wrestling (2007), Pier 6 Wrestling (2008-2009 and 2012), Wolverine Pro Wrestling (2008), Pro Wrestling LIVE (2008), Buffalo Championship Wrestling (2009-2010 and 2014), NWA Branded Outlaw Wrestling (2013), NWA Lone Star Championship Wrestling (2013), Black Diamond Wrestling (2014), Empire State Wrestling (2016) and Southern Tier Wrestling (2017).

Appearances at World Wrestling Entertainment (2005 and 2006)

On July 25, 2005, at tapings for Sunday Night Heat McChesney (Going by the name Matt McChesney) was defeated in a singles match by Johnny Parisi; the episode was aired on July 31. On the June 19, 2006 episode of Monday Night RAW McChesney was defeated by Umaga in a singles match in 1 minute and 6 seconds.

Pro Wrestling Unplugged (2007-2008)

McChesney debuted in this promotion on June 16, 2007, at PWU Crazy 8 2007 losing to Luke Hawx in a triple threat that also involved Aramis. On September 15 McChesney participated in the PWU Television Title Tournament losing in the first round to the eventual winner of the tournament: Z-Barr. On January 18, 2008, at PWU Dawn Of A New Era, McChesney unsuccessfully challenged Adam Flash for the PWU Heavyweight Championship after losing by Count Out. On February 16 at PWU Last Chance: Do Or Die McChesney defeated Flash to win the PWU Heavyweight title. After 161 days as Champion, McChesney lost the title on July 26 at PWU A Family Reunion to Teddy Fine and left PWU.

Firestorm Pro Wrestling (2007-2011)

McChesney debuted for this promotion on December 9, 2007, at Firestorm Pro Destroy Erase Improve, as part of the Firestorm Pro Heavyweight Title Round Robin Tournament, losing to Michael Hutter in a singles match. During the rest of the tournament, McChesney obtained a record of 2 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw, having a total of 5 points and advancing to the finals. Since all 6 participants in the tournament obtained 5 points, they all competed in a fatal six-way elimination match for the Firestorm Pro Heavyweight Championship on September 12; after Vincent Nothing, Morty Rackem, Starless and Raymond Rowe were eliminated, McChesney and Michael Hutter were the last two, whit Hutter being the winner and becoming the first Heavyweight Champion of the promotion. After Hutter vacated the title due to contractual obligations whit WWE, a fatal four-way match was set to determine the new Champion; on December 13, 2008, at Destroy Erase Improve 2008: One Sweet Farewell, McChesney defeated Raymond Rowe, Starless and Samoa Joe in the fatal four-way to win his first Firestorm Pro Heavyweight Championship. On July 10, 2009, McChesney lost the title to Raymond Rowe after he and his team "Firestorm" (Rowe, Starless, Patrick Hayes and The Aftermath) defeated McChesney's team "Team Big League" (McChesney, Bill Collier, J-Rocc and Shane Taylor) in an eight-man tag team war games steel cage. On October 2, 2009, McChesney defeated Patrick Hayes to become the number 1 contender for the Firestorm Pro Heavyweight Championship, but he was defeated by Raymond Rowe on November 25 in a singles match for the title, yet still, he defeated Rowe in another match on February 5, 2010, at the Dead Man Walking event to win the Heavyweight title for the second time. After 217 days as Champion and 2 successful defenses (One against Raymond Rowe in a steel cage match and another one against Matt Cross in a singles match) he lost the title on September 10 to Patrick Hayes in a seven-way anything goes match that also involved J-Rocc, Lou Marconi, Matt Cross, Rufio Rapier and Shane Taylor. After 2 unsuccessful tries at recapturing the title against Hayes, on July 22, 2011, at Something To Die For 2011, McChesney defeated the new Champion Matt Cross to win the title for the third time. He defended the Championship in the last event of the promotion before it became inactive on October 15 at Firestorm Pro The New Apocalypse.

Pro Wrestling Rampage (2007-2018)

Time as Tag Team and Lake Erie Champion (2007-2010)

McChesney had his debut at PWR on December 29, 2007, defeating J-Rocc in a singles match. On April 18, 2009, McChesney unsuccessfully challenged Bill Collier for the PWR Heavyweight Championship; he was once again unsuccessful against Collier on February 12, 2010, in a fatal four-way match that also involved Aaron Draven and Ryan Mitchell. On March 10 McChesney and Aaron Draven defeated The Foreign Legion (Luis Diamante and Sheik Muhammad Mustafa) in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match to win the PWR Tag Team Championships. McChesney and Draven started calling themselves the Erie Elite and successfully defended the titles on 2 occasions (One against the team of El Guerrero and Joe Rosa on April 16 and another one against The Foreign Legion on May 14) before losing them to The Royal Suspects (Bennett Cole and Dorian Monroe) on July 10. Then on August 14, McChesney defeated Draven in a singles match to win the PWR Lake Erie Championship, a title that he only held for 28 days as he lost it to Rocky Reynolds on September 11 in a Champion vs Champion Winner takes all match for the PWR Lake Erie and PWE Heavyweight Championships.

Rivalry whit Bill Collier (2011-2012)

After an 11-month absence from the promotion, McChesney returned on July 16, 2011, to team whit Aaron Draven and defeat the team of Rocky Reynolds and Bill Collier. On September 24, McChesney defeated Collier in a singles match. On October 15, Collier and Reynolds defeated the team of McChesney and Draven. On November 4, Collier defeated McChesney in an I Quit match, but he was defeated by McChesney on December 3 in an extreme rules match where the fans brought the weapons. On April 4, 2012, McChesney defeated Collier in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

Heavyweight Title reigns (2012-2015)

After 2 unsuccessful shots at Bill Collier's PWR Heavyweight Championship in the last 30 days, on December 29, 2012, McChesney defeated Collier in a 60-minute Iron Man match whit 2 falls against 1, winning his first Heavyweight title in the promotion. He successfully defended his championship 4 times, 3 of them being against Asylum (2 by disqualification and 1 by double count out), who finally defeated McChesney to win the PWR Heavyweight Championship on May 11, 2013. McChesney recaptured the title on November 2, at the PWR 6th Anniversary Show, defeating Asylum in a four-way match that also involved Bill Collier and Kevin Bennett. After 2 years, 2 months and 12 days as Champion and over 25 successful defenses, McChesney lost the PWR Heavyweight title to Aaron Draven on November 14, 2015, at the PWR 8th Anniversary Spectacular event.

Revenge Pro Wrestling (2018-Present)

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  • Finishing and signature moves
    • TKO
    • Superkick
    • Electric Chair
    • Ace Crusher
    • Cliff Hanger
    • Missile Dropkick
  • Entrance Music
  • Nicknames
    • "Big League"
    • "Erie's Own"
    • "Fabulous"

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