Joey Vengeance (September 7, 1990) is an American independent wrestler. He is generally seen in the midwestern wrestling territories and has worked for promotions including Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling, Mad-Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Rampage, Mid-Ohio Wrestling and Ohio Championship Wrestling. In MOW and OCW, he holds the historical accomplishment of being the youngest title holder when he won the OCW Heritage Championship, OCW Tag Team Championships, MOW Tri County Championship and MOW Cruiserweight Championship.


Vengeance trained at the Big Guns Academy ran by Ohio wrestler Jeff Cannon. He trained also at the Team Taz Dojo under the direction of ECW/WWE/TNA superstar Taz. He went on to make his in-ring debut on October 11, 2008 for OCW against Kaden Assad. He won his first OCW title on February 19, 2011 in an Iron Man match for the OCW Heritage Championship against Jock Samson. On March 17, the following year, Vengeance and tag partner Juice Jennings won their first titles together at OCW Luck Of The Draw in a three-way tag match, capturing the OCW Tag Team Championships. Further success followed on April 21 during his time in Mid-Ohio Wrestling when he defeated champion Sherman Tank for the MOW Tri-County Championship. On July 13, Vengeance and tag partner Juice Jennings, wrestling under the team name of The A-List won their second championships while working for Renegade Wrestling Alliance at RWA Resurrection 4.


  • "Everybody wants a thrill", "the best revenge is bettering yourself", *"Believe"*

Wrestling Facts

  • Finishing & Signature moves
  • Radicutter
  • Rad Splash (splash off the top),
  • K.F.C.(corner dropkick)
  • C.O.D.(Dropkick off the top)
  • Jumping Neckbreaker
  • Cloverleaf
  • Pele Kick
  • Nicknames
  • "Radical"
  • Tag Teams

Championships and accomplisments

  • MOW Cruiserweight Champion
  • MOW Tri County Champion
  • OCW Ohio Heritage Champion
  • OCW Tag Team Champion (with Juice Jennings as team The A-List)
  • RWA Tag Team Championship

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