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  Joe Louis Arena, nicknamed The Joe, was a hockey arena located in downtown Detroit, Michigan. It was the home of the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League. Completed in 1979 at a cost of $57 million, the venue was named after boxer and former heavyweight champion Joe Louis, who grew up in Detroit.

Only two other NHL arenas - Madison Square Garden in New York and Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Long Island are without corporate sponsorship names. The fourth oldest NHL venue after the two named above and Rexall Place in Edmonton, Joe Louis arena is owned by Detroit and operated by Olympia Entertainment, an Ilitch Holdings-owned company.

JLA replaced Olympia Stadium. It sits adjacent to Cobo Hall on the bank of the Detroit River and is accessible through its own station on the Detroit People Mover.


Date Event Attendance
November 27, 1991Survivor Series17,500
October 23, 1994Halloween Havoc14,000
October 29, 1995Halloween Havoc13,000
November 14, 1999Survivor Series18,735
July 21, 2002Vengeance12,000
November 27, 2005Survivor Series15,000
January 25, 2009Royal Rumble16,685
May 23, 2010Over the Limit11,000
September 15, 2013Night of Champions10,500

Television Programs

Date Event
May 12, 1986Prime Time Wrestling
March 14, 1987Saturday Night's Main Event
February 23, 1990The Main Event
October 29, 1995WCW Main Event
September 28, 1998RAW is WAR
October 3, 1998Shotgun Saturday Night
October 10, 1998Shotgun Saturday Night
April 12, 1999RAW is WAR
April 24, 1999Shotgun Saturday Night
April 25, 1999Super Astros
August 8, 1999Heat
August 14, 1999Shotgun Saturday Night
November 14, 1999Heat
February 3, 2000SmackDown
February 6, 2000Heat
May 18, 2000SmackDown
May 21, 2000Heat
October 16, 2000RAW is WAR
October 21, 2000Jakked
March 29, 2001SmackDown
August 30, 2001SmackDown
September 2, 2001Heat
March 11, 2002RAW
March 16, 2002Jakked
July 21, 2002Heat
October 28, 2002RAW
November 3, 2002Heat
August 21, 2003SmackDown
August 23, 2003Velocty
March 22, 2004RAW
March 28, 2004Heat
August 12, 2004SmackDown
August 14, 2004Velocity
November 27, 2005Heat
July 25, 2006ECW
July 28, 2006SmackDown
October 9, 2007ECW
October 12, 2007SmackDown
May 12, 2008RAW
May 18, 2008Heat
August 31, 2009RAW
September 14, 2010NXT
September 16, 2010Superstars
September 17, 2010SmackDown
January 24, 2011RAW
April 23, 2012RAW
May 1, 2013Main Event
May 3, 2013SmackDown
March 4, 2014Main Event
March 7, 2014SmackDown
December 15, 2014RAW
December 18, 2014Superstars
March 10, 2015Main Event
March 12, 2015SmackDown
February 22, 2016RAW
February 25, 2016Superstars
July 11, 2016RAW
July 14, 2016Superstars
December 20, 2016SmackDown
December 20, 2016205 Live
March 13, 2017RAW
March 15, 2017Main Event

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