Joanna Rose (born 1982) is a British actress, fitness enthusiast and wrestling staff member who works for Alternative Wrestling World. She can be seen at AWW events doing backstage interviews, as well as hosting the AWW series of Academy Assault events.

Early life

Rose first graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (with Honors) in Drama & American Studies. She later went on to study towards a master's degree in Human Resources Management.

Wrestling career

Although not a professional wrestler herself, Rose states she is a great fan of the business as serves mostly as an announcer and interviewer for many wrestling promotions and events both in the United Kingdom and the United States. She has done work for Ring of Honor. Rose has also worked as WWE legend Mick Foley's personal announcer during his comedy tour of the UK in 2013.

Acting career

Rose has worked generally as a stage actress in England. Recognized for her work, Rose has been a three-time Best Actress award winner at the All-England Amateur Theatre Festival.

Personal life

Rose describes herself as friendly, happy, ambitious and loyal to a fault. She is a huge wrestling fan and enjoys travelling, particularly to the United States. She is friends with WWE wrestler Drew McIntyre.

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