Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler were a commentator team in the World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment that lasted through the 1990s and well into the 2000s. After the brand extension in 2002, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler became exclusive commentators for the Raw shows and events. They also provide commentary during the network premiere of WWE SmackDown on August 26, 1999.


Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler share a storied professional and personal history within the WWF/WWE that is well over 20 years. Working together in the early 1990s, Ross and Lawler established themselves and one of the most popular and well known commentator teams in the company's history. Jim Ross and Jerry "the King" Lawler's chemistry as opposites was well noted through Ross's strong belief in wrestlers being honest competitors while Lawler favored wrestlers who were "company men" (those being followers of McMahon's corporate standards) and also were opportunistic and won matches by any means. Ross also kept the professional grounding in their commentary when it came to addressing matches involving female wrestlers while "The King" often devoted his remarks to praising the women for more than their wrestling talent.

Despite their differences, both men proved to be loyal friends during various times. During 2000, when Tazz first entered the WWF, he was targeting Jim Ross until Jerry Lawler (being the only wrestler of the two commentators), defended Ross. At the 2000 SummerSlam, when Tazz and Lawler met in the ring, Jim Ross smashed a glass jar of candy on Tazz's skull, allowing Lawler to win the match. In 2012, while Lawler was recovering from a heart-attack, Ross filled in for his friend during that time.

The team officially disbanded in 2008 when Ross was drafted to the Smackdown brand, thus teaming with Michael Cole for a brief time. Ross and Lawler still remain one of the most recognizable and widely enjoyed commentator teams of the WWE.


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