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Jezabeth (October 14 1994) is a female professional wrestler from London, England.

Career History

Jezabeth began training at Dropkixx Wrestling Academy in June 2009 under Jon Ritchie later then moving to Wrestleforce Academy in 2012 being taught by Charlie Rage and Tom Chamberlain. Jezabeth now (2015) has been training under Stu and Tarnya Allen - better known as 'The Dominator' and 'Skarlett' - at the Extreme Academy in Hastings.

Jezabeth debuted in the spring of 2010 facing Suzi Wild, Jezabeth won her debut match but later on in the evening was confronted by Colleen Masters who then defeated Jezabeth, soon after the match Jezabeth's trademark scream was heard by all in attendance; this scream would now be used by Jezabeth during her 'wrath of destruction'.

Jezabeth made her US wrestling debut on the 25th August 2013 facing against Marriah Moreno formerly known as 'The Blood Thirsty Vixen' Amanda. Jezabeth wrestled for LuchaPro located in Los Angeles, California.

As well as wrestling in the States, Jezabeth was also a part of the history making 30 woman rumble held by top female promotion - Bellatrix. She entered the rumble at number 21 and was soon eliminated by Destiny - a top star of the Bellatrix promotion. Jezabeth also competed at EWW's 'Eden Rising' show on the 16th May 2015 against Skarlett at the Hastings Centre in front of a sell-out crowd of 1,000.

Wrestling facts

  • Jezabeth was awarded 'Wrestler of the Day' after her debut match against Suzi Wild
  • Jezabeth has mentioned in interviews that she bases her wrestling techniques around the patterns of lions - 'from their hunting methods, to how they finish off their prey'

Championships and accomplishments

  • TAW Women's Champion (defeated Mia on the 31st May 2014 - 20 July 2014)
  • Dropkixx Freestyle Ladies Champion (won on the 9th July 2011)
  • Dropkixx Female Of the Year 2011
  • Wrestler of the Day - 24 April 2010 (Jezabeth's first pro-wrestling show)

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