The Jersey Triad (also known as The New Jersey Triad) was a triumvirate stable in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). The team consisted of Diamond Dallas Page, Chris Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow that began during early June, 1999. The name came from all the members being from New Jersey.

Not long after Page and Bigelow lost their WCW World Tag Team Championship to Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn, Page would bring Kanyon into the team to form the Triad. Kanyon and Page would quickly go on to recapture to the tag titles from Benoit and Saturn with a little help from Bigelow.

Due to an affiliation with then "WCW President for Life" Ric Flair, the Triad was permitted to defend these titles in any way possible using the Freebird Rule- any two of the three wrestlers could defend the tag team titles at any time. This even saw the Triad switching members during a title defence, the rule being one member had to be on the floor at all times.

The team broke up by the end of 1999 when Page feuded with Kanyon.

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