Jasmin St. Claire (born Rhea Alexandria Devlugt on October 23, 1970) is a former pornographic actress who is best known for her mainstream appearances in the world of professional wrestling and such motion pictures as Communication Breakdown and the Lionsgate-released National Lampoon's Dorm Daze 2.

Professional wrestling

Jasmin saw a brief stint in ECW, where she engaged in a "war of words" with the "Queen of Extreme" Francine. She also made appearances for XPW. She made a few appearances for the XWF, under the name Jazzy and managed The Public Enemy. Jasmin also bankrolled and helped to run the Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling (3PW) promotion with her then longtime boyfriend Brian Heffron, also known as former ECW star "The Blue Meanie". She has said that she was trained by Heffron for about a year prior to stepping into the ring. By 2005, she and Heffron had a falling out as she had stopped financially supporting the company, and as a result was removed from future operations as well as the relationship ending. She instead associated with NWA Cyberspace, where she is now the Commissioner.


  • Among her porn films, Jasmin is best known for her appearance in World's Biggest Gang Bang 2 (a 1996 sequel to World's Biggest Gang Bang with Annabel Chong), in which she performed a record-breaking 300 sex acts with about 51 men. (This record was later broken by adult star Houston, who allegedly had sex 620 times with about the same amount of men although some accounts say the intercourse counts are greatly exaggerated.) She explained her controversial career move on the Howard Stern show by stating that she wanted to gain "quick fame" in the porn industry. Despite her plan, her career did not blossom as hoped; St. Claire retired from the industry in 2002.
  • St. Claire is sometimes erroneously confused with bondage model Jasmine Sinclair.
  • She is a massive fan of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, and even has a tattoo of the band's mascot, Eddie, on her body.
  • She dated Paul Bostaph, ex-drummer of the thrash metal band Slayer.
  • She is a vegetarian and has had breast enhancements.

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