The January 3rd, 1999 Edition of Heat is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE, which took place at the DCU Center (Worcester Centrum) in Worcester, Massachusetts. It was taped on December 29, 1998.


The Road Dogg opens the show

The New Age Outlaws started the show by bringing some microphones to the ring. Billy Gunn announced that he will hound Ken Shamrock until he grants him another shot at the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Jesse James challenged The Rock because of the Rock's interference in his last hardcore match against Mankind.

The Corporation showed up at the entraceway. Shamrock denied Gunn his title shot request. The Rock also decline James' match request, but setup a match between James and Test for later in the show.

The Oddities are shown backstage. George Steele kept yelling surprise.

Michael Cole is set to interview Ken Shamrock backstage, but Billy Gunn runs in and tackles him. Officials ran in to break it up.

George Steele challenged Mosh to a match for a shot at Mosh's fake Tag Team Champions of the Universe title. Mosh accepted, but lost after Steele hit him in the throat with a foreign object.

Shawn Michaels being interviewed at home

Shawn Michaels has a sitdown interview from his home in San Antonio, Texas. Michaels says he's not scared of Vince McMahon.

Triple H defeated Mark Henry in a near squash match. Much was being made of Chyna's absence given Chyna's recent relevation that she is romantically entangled with Henry. Triple H wins after Henry was distracted by Chyna's appearance at the entrance ramp.

Shane McMahon is shown training Vince McMahon for the Royal Rumble in a montage.

Val Venis defeated Christian in a fairly clean and even match. Afterwards, the Brood gives Venis a blood bath.

Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett defeated the World Tag Team Champions Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock in a non-title match. Debra jumped on the apron and allowed Bossman to grab her ass for a distraction. Afterwards, Jarrett & Hart demand a title shot in the future.

Mankind on commentary

Mankind joins the commentary team. Shane McMahon leaves in fear. Before Road Dogg began his match, he invited Mankind into the ring and apologized for not being able to give a rematch for the WWF Hardcore Championship. Road Dogg does his usual intro with Mankind taking Billy Gunn's role.

The Road Dogg defeated Test by disqualification after the Rock ran in and attacked him while he was going for a pinfall. Mankind left his commentary position and made the save.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.


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