The January 13, 2011 Edition of Superstars is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE, it was taped at the BJCC in Birmingham, Alabama on January 11, 2011.


Former members of Edge’s La Familia group, Curt Hawkins & Chavo Guerrero reunited tonight to take on the exciting team of Chris Masters & JTG. Equally smug, Hawkins & Guerrero were on the same page when it came to underhanded maneuvers, but their opponents possessed a combination of speed and power that was hard to beat. After the Brooklyn Superstar weathered a vicious beating, he was able to make the tag to The Masterpiece who hooked his Master Lock on Guerrero for a submission victory.

Is there a more vicious Diva on the WWE roster than Alicia Fox? Angry and aggressive, the Florida native was looking for revenge against Gail Kim after falling to the gorgeous Diva on “WWE Superstars” in November. Showing off her mean streak, Alicia took slow pleasure in wrenching Gail's limbs and pulling out handfuls of her hair. Gail would not be denied, however, and managed to pull off the win after nailing Eat Defeat out of nowhere.

It was an action-packed main event on “WWE Superstars” this week as four of Raw's most talented young Superstars battled a rogues gallery of villains in a massive Eight-Man Tag Team Match. Frantic from the opening bell, the bout was filled with quick tags and fast maneuvers that left the WWE Universe breathless. Things truly got out hand when all eight competitors entered the ring to brawl. But when the smoke cleared, Yoshi Tatsu nailed Zack Ryder in the back of the head with a well-placed kick to give his team the win.


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