Jack Black is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Ohio Valley Wrestling working in both singles and tag team competition. He is currently a member of The Coalition stable led by Jason Wayne.


Ohio Valley Wrestling (1998-Present)

Black first appeared professionally for Ohio Valley Wrestling on October 6, 1998 under the name of Cousin Otter. He wrestled all of his first-year matches under this name before starting the new year wrestling under the names Jack Black and Mr. Black. On October 13, 2000, Black won his first OVW championship at the cross-promotional event NWA OVW Night of The Demon in which he faced Trailer Park Trash in a NWA OVW Hardcore Title Loser Leaves Town match. During the early 2000s, Black faced wrestlers who were either established WWF/E names or later became notable names in that company including Bull Buchanan, Mark Henry, Brock Lesnar and Shelton Benjamin (who were early tag team partners), Randy Orton and Rico Constantino. For most of the 2000s, Black endured a heavy string of losses to several wrestlers.

Tag Teams, Contendership Attempts & Team-ups (2011-Present)

Black became one half of the tag team known as The Fat and The Furious (teaming with Trailer Park Trash). Their first match was on June 15 against The Elite (Adam Revolver and Ted McNaler), winning the OVW Southern Tag Team Title on episode #617 of OVW TV. On June 22, Black and Trash retained their titles against The Elite on episode #618. Black and Trailer Park Trash loss the titles to the Bolin Services 2.0 on August 6. They won the titles back on August 22.  

Black attempted to challenge for the Heavyweight title, failing contention after losing to Rob Terry on November 6, 2012 on episode #690 of OVW TV.

The Platoon of Wayne (2012-2013)

Black became a member of The Platoon of Wayne joining with Bolin Service teammates Joe Coleman and Jason Wayne. With the Platoon, Black feuded with teams such as Team GutCheck, Mascagni Family and the Mascara Mafia throughout the months of November, December 2012 and January 2013.

The Coalition (2013-Present)

January 30, Black wrestled as part of the newly renamed stable of The Coalition (formerly the Platoon of Wayne) in a dark match on OVW TV episode #702 teaming with Crimson, Joe Coleman and Jason Wayne against Eddie Diamond, Elvis Pridemoore, Randy Royal and Tony Gunn. During the month of February, The Coalition feuded with Team GutCheck, exchanging victories and losses starting at OVW Derby Park Expo 5 on February 10 with a win over Team GutCheck. Ten days later, The Coalition (Jack Black and Joe Coleman) loss to GutCheck on episode #705 of OVW TV.

Championships and accomplishments

  • Ohio Valley Wrestling
    • NWA OVW Hardcore Championship
    • OVW Southern Tag Team Championship (with Trailer Park Trash)

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