The JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship is a championship in the Jersey All Pro Wrestling promotion. Being a professional wrestling championship, it is not won via direct competition; it is instead won via a predetermined ending to a match or awarded to a wrestler because of a wrestling angle. It became official title on December 5, 1997 when Rik Rachet defeated Chino Martinez in a tournament final to crown the first champion. It was retired on September 15, 2006 when the New Jersey State Championship was re-activated. Kazarian remained champion as a result. Prince Mustafa Ali became the new champion after the title was re-activated. The current champion is Kenny Omega, who is in his first reign. There have been 26 reigns by 20 wrestlers with five vacancies. One of those vacancies came when Billy Reil was injured.

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The current champion is Prince Mustafa Ali who is in his first reign as champion. He defeated Flip Kendrick, Louis Lyndon & The Amazing Red on January 24, 2009 in Rahway, New Jersey for the vacant title.

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