The J.O.B. Squad was a professional wrestling faction. The theme of the group was that each member was a perennial enhancement talent, in which they lost to established or up-and-coming wrestlers.

The acronym "J.O.B." was said to stand for "Just Over Broke", a reference to wrestlers' penchant for appearing in preliminary matches and, therefore, being on the low end of the payscale.


In November 1998, Al Snow, Bob Holly and Scorpio united and formed the J.O.B. Squad together. Soon after their formation, Holly and Scorpio defeated Too Much in the Squad's first match on the November 8 episode of Heat. On the November 22 episode of Raw, the J.O.B. Squad helped Mankind defeat Ken Shamrock and The Big Boss Man in a triple threat match. After helping Mankind, the J.O.B. Squad gained a new member in Duane Gill, who then scored an upset over Christian by winning the Light Heavyweight Championship. The Squad would score another upset later on in the night as they defeated the New Age Outlaws after interference from Shamrock, Bossman, Mankind and other J.O.B. Squad members.< Gill was later renamed Gillberg and he began parodying the mannerisms and ring entrance style of then-WCW World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg. On the November 29 episode of Sunday Night Heat, Gillberg faced Christian in a rematch for the Light Heavyweight Title, but the match ended in a double disqualification after the debuting Blue Meanie, a new member of the Squad, interfered. On the following episode of Raw, Gillberg scored another upset when he defeated Marc Mero, who had to (in storyline) retire from wrestling if he lost.<

On December 13 at Rock Bottom, Gillberg defeated Matt Hardy to retain the Light Heavyweight Championship on an edition of Sunday Night Heat. However, The Brood defeated Snow, Scorpio, and Holly on the pay-per-view. A month later at the Royal Rumble, Blue Meanie, Snow, and Gillberg were each eliminated from the Royal Rumble within a span of 10 seconds.


In February 1999, both Scorpio and the Blue Meanie were released by the WWF while Gillberg was later phased out of storylines. After being absent for over a year, Gillberg returned to the WWF and lost his Light Heavyweight Championship to the debuting Essa Rios on a February 2000 edition of Sunday Night Heat. Gill soon left the company afterwards. After dwindling down to only two members, Snow wrestled against himself on an edition of Raw before Holly came down to the ring to prevent Snow from hurting himself, which led to the formal breakup of the J.O.B. Squad.< Later that month at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Bob Holly, now renamed Hardcore Holly, defeated Snow for the Hardcore Championship to permanently end the J.O.B. Squad.

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