The Italian Championship Wrestling (ICW ) is an Italian federation of professional wrestling active at a national and European level. It is currently the third federation in the European Union for the number of shows organized annually.


Founded in 2001, the ICW has already reached the milestone of 260 events, and performs with his performances throughout Italy. Over the years, the federation has acquired an increasingly important role in our own media: interviews and reviews have appeared several times on various newspapers and the same wrestlers have repeatedly attended show radio and television. Red Devil, one of the patriarchs of the company, has worked for some time with the magazine "Wrestling Power". On May 23, 2013 is proclaimed the birth of the web show the federation, by the name of "shock wave". The first episode of the show was broadcast on May 28, 2013, on the official YouTube channel of the federation.


  • European Cruiserweight Championship
  • European Heavyweight Championship
  • ICW Interregional Championship
  • ICW Italian Championship
  • ICW Italian Lightweight Championship
  • ICW Italian Tag Team Championship
  • ICW Women's Championship

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