The promotion made its debut in September, 2004 with a show called Extreme Measures at the Orpington Halls in Orpington, Kent. The show included an Iron Fist match between Jonny Storm and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's Super Dragon. Other memorable early shows for IPW:UK would include the Best of British series which would see matches to determine the best wrestlers in the UK of a certain class (High Flyers, and Heavyweights). The promotion would soon reach a deal with the The Wrestling Channel to broadcast a weekly one-hour television show.

In August, 2006, Frontier Wrestling Alliance allowed IPW:UK to participate in its second Frontiers of Honor show which also involves American promotion Ring of Honor. This working relationship with FWA would seem to take a turn for the worst when several incidents involving IPW:UK using FWA talent when the same talent were scheduled to appear in FWA events, and promoting FWA title defences without asking for permission from the FWA management team. However, these seemingly legit incidents were worked into an inter-promotional feud that would see then IPW:UK Champion Martin Stone be stripped of his FWA Tag Team Title, siding with IPW:UK in preparation to face semi-retired FWA Star Alex Shane in a Promotion vs. Promotion – Winner Takes All Match at Broxbourne on March 16, 2007. This was later changed to The Orpington Halls, on March 25 - an event which IPW:UK won.

On November 18, 2006, IPW:UK held a historic tournament which featured wrestlers from several British promotions to crown the first British National Under 23s Champion; the event was won by Sam Slam.

In Mid-2007, IPW:UK announced that from October, 2007 to September, 2008, they would be running a year-long, 64 person tournament entitled the "British National Championship".

In 2008, Real Quality Wrestling announced a deal that saw them become a benchmark promotion under the company banner. With IPW:UK earning a Europe television deal with a leading German TV station and potential worldwide recognition through planned license deals.

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