Impact Pro Wrestling Australia is a professional wrestling promotion based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Employees in IPW consist of professional wrestlers, managers, commentators, ring announcers, referees, trainers, and various other positions.

Employees and management are organized by role within the promotion. If a wrestler is inactive for any reason, due to injury, suspension, not wrestling in 30 days or otherwise, that information is noted.

Current Roster - Wrestlers

Ring name Notes
Ashe IPW Hall of Famer
Aussie Battler
Benny Lava Inactive (not appeared in over 6 months)
BJ Blade
Chris Johnson
Dalton Briscoe
Eliminator Inactive (not appeared in over 3 months)
Jimmy The Geek
Josh Bruise IPW Tag Team Champion
Kiwi Thriller
Mr. Bronson Hoye
Obie Cartel IPW Heavyweight Champion
Reaper IPW Hardcore Champion
Rob Daniels IPW Unified Champion
Ryan Melrose Inactive (not appeared in over 3 months)
Sweet Assassin
Willow IPW Womens Champion
Wolfman IPW Tag Team Champion
Youngblood Jesse Love

Roster - Non-Wrestlers

Ring Name Notes
Jace The Ace Commentator & IPW Hall of Famer
Lukas Barber Commentator
Referee Chris Head IPW Official
Referee Troy
Jason Kryger Photographer
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