Impact Pro Wrestling (IPW) is a New Zealand professional wrestling promotion. It has promoted regular events throughout the country and abroad in the last several years and is credited for being the first to bring live wrestling shows to cities, such as Hamilton and Whangarei, in over two decades.

Impact Pro Wrestling was created after a group of wrestlers left the now defunct Mania Pro Wrestling (MPW) creating the wrestling banner, Impact Pro Wrestling. The goal was to continue bringing the NZ Pro Wrestling scene back into NZ households, picking up where MPW left off, while being controlled by wrestlers themselves. IPW's first public appearance occurred in April 2002 when IPW appeared at the Auckland Armageddon Convention. Although having to ship a wrestling ring up from Wellington, IPW still put on performance over three days.

2003 only had one IPW public show. During the period, Charles Warner, Cameron Bailey, and Nick Fergusson were elected as directors of the company and the company aimed to raise up to $10,000 to build a wrestling ring in which they were able to train, while training on gym mats at the Mangere Recreation Centre. By the end of 2003 however the target had been met.

By 2004 they had begun building the ring, and on May 15, 2004 IPW ran it's first ever show, entitled IPW Genesis. Since then IPW has held regular monthly shows in Lynfield, North Shore, Mangere, Wellington, Whangarei and Hamilton. Impact Pro Wrestling is currently based in Kingsland, Auckland.

More recently, Impact Pro Wrestling established an arm in Australia through the existing Major Impact Wrestling on the Gold Coast.

Broadcasting Deals

Currently, IPW New Zealand has two separate TV deals, the first is with ALT TV (Channel 65, Sky TV). The show, IPW Ignition, debuted on 9 February 2007 at midnight (Saturday Morning) originally as a thirty-minute show, but later increasing to an hour long show. It was moved to a primetime position of 8pm Monday where it featured during the Monday Night ALT Sports show. However it was later reverted to the original format of an hour long show at 12pm Thursday night. It currently screens at 10pm Friday Nights on ALT TV.


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