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The Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestling women's tag team championship owned by Impact Wrestling. It is contested for usually by teams consisting of two female wrestlers, known as Knockouts, in the women's division.


The creation of the championship was announced on August 20, 2009 during a backstage segment on TNA's primary television program TNA Impact!. Sarita and Taylor Wilde were the inaugural champions. They won a four-week tournament to crown the first champions.The final champions were ODB and Eric Young, who held the titles for a record 478 days.

On the June 20, 2013 episode of Impact Wrestling, Knockouts Division Executive Brooke Hogan stripped ODB and Young of the title due to the fact that Young is male. This ultimately resulted in the titles being deactivated.

In late 2020, Impact announced the Knockouts Tag Team Championship was being reactivated.

First Championship Tournament

On the August 20, 2009 episode of Impact!, backstage interviewer Lauren, who was standing with and about to interview Christy Hemme, Tara, Taylor Wilde, and Sarita, announced that TNA were planning to host an eight-team|single elimination tag team tournament to crown the first-ever TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions. After a four-way match consisting of Hemme, Traci Brooks, Sarita, and Awesome Kong, TNA commentators Mike Tenay and Taz announced that the first round match of the tournament would take place on the August 27 episode of Impact! with Kong and Raisha Saeed facing Brooks and Sharmell. Kong and Saeed wound up winning the match, and moving to the next round of the tournament. On the September 3 episode of Impact!, the team of Hemme and Tara defeated the team of Hamada and Sojournor Bolt to move onto round two of the tournament. The next week on Impact!, the team of Sarita and Taylor Wilde defeated Alissa Flash and Daffney to also advance to round two.Later in that same episode, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky (collectively known as The Beautiful People defeated the team of Madison Rayne and Roxxi. Round two began on the September 17 episode of Impact!, with the encounters of Kong and Saeed versus Sarita and Wilde and The Beautiful People versus Hemme and Tara. The first bout pitted Hemme and Tara against The Beautiful People, with the latter being victorious. Sarita and Wilde won the second encounter over Kong and Saeed. The finals for the tournament were then set for TNA's No Surrender PPV event, with The Beautiful People versus Sarita and Wilde. Sarita and Wilde defeated Madison Rayne, a substitute for Angelina Love who had been released from her contract prior to the event, and Velvet Sky (also collectively known as The Beautiful People) on September 20 at No Surrender to become the first official TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Tournament Bracket
  Round One
(TNA Impact!)
Round Two
(TNA Impact!)
(No Surrender)
   Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed Pin  
 The Main Event Mafia
(Sharmell and Traci Brooks)
   Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed 03:00  
   Sarita and Taylor Wilde Pin  
 Sarita and Taylor Wilde Pin
   Alissa Flash and Daffney 05:00  
     Sarita and Taylor Wilde Pin
   The Beautiful People
(Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky)
   The Beautiful People
(Angelina Love and Velvet Sky)
 Madison Rayne and Roxxi 03:00  
   The Beautiful People
(Angelina Love and Velvet Sky)
   Christy Hemme and Tara 04:00  
 Hamada and Sojournor Bolt 7:25
   Christy Hemme and Tara Pin  

Belt designs

The first title belts were first shown at No Surrender. The belts had a red strap with two small gold plates and one large gold plate. In the center of each plate stands a figure resembling a globe made out of gold. On the outer edge of the plate are red gems, which circle the entire plate. The center golden plate of the belt was TNA's official logo engraved in the very center with the words "Knockouts Tag Team" above it and the words "Wrestling Champion" below.

Belt gallery


The inaugural champions were Sarita and Wilde, who defeated The Beautiful People (Rayne and Sky) in the finals of an eight-team tournament to crown the first TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions. At 478 days, Eric Young and ODB hold the record for the longest reign in the title's history. Awesome Kong's and Hamada's only reign holds the record for the shortest reign in the title's history at 63 days.

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