The IWC Super Indy Championship is a professional wrestling championship owned by the United States–based International Wrestling Cartel (IWC) promotion. It is currently the second ranked championship in IWC after the IWC World Heavyweight Championship. The IWC Super Indy Championship was vacated once a year for the annual Super Indy Tournament from 2002-2010. Currently, the champion is invited to defend his title in the tournament each year.

The first champion was crowned on March 22, 2002 when Super Hentai defeated Christopher Daniels in the finals of the first Super Indy tournament. The title has also been defended in other wrestling promotions, even changing hands in one of these occasions, when Sterling James Keenan defeated John McChesney at the Ring of Honor event ROH Do or Die V to win the championship.

Super Indy Tournament

The first champion was crowned as a reward for winning the first annual Super Indy Tournament in 2002. The tournament happened on March 22 with three different rounds: first round, semi-final and final.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Chris Hero    
 CM Punk Pin  
   CM Punk    
   Super Hentai Pin  
   Super Hentai Pin  
     Super Hentai Pin
   Christopher Daniels  
   Christopher Daniels Pin  
 Colt Cabana    
   Christopher Daniels Pin
   Low Ki    
 Kid Sensation  
   Low Ki Pin  

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