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The IWA Mid-South Television Championship was a short-lived title in the IWA Mid-South based in Louisville, Kentucky. The title appeared from 1997, when Rollin' Hard won a ten-man Battle Royal to become the first ever champion.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Place: Notes:
Rollin' Hard 1 September 30, 1997 Louisville, Kentucky Defeated 9 other wrestlers in a Battle Royale
Cash Flo 1 December 4, 1997 Lexington, Kentucky
Chip Fairway 1 December 9, 1997 Louisville, Kentucky
Cash Flo 2 January 29, 1998 Louisville, Kentucky
Chip Fairway 2 January 30, 1998 Lexington, Kentucky
Bull Pain 1 February 7, 1998 New Albany, Indiana
Chip Fairway 3 March 12, 1998 Louisville, Kentucky
Shark Boy 1 April 2, 1998 Louisville, Kentucky
Title Retired April 2, 1998 IWA TV show is discontinued

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