The IPW Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestling openweight tag team championship created and promoted by the Australian professional wrestling promotion Impact Pro Wrestling. The championship was established on February 21, 2009


The IPW Tag Team Championship was introduced into IPW in 2009. The inaugural champions were Blaze & Fury, and there have been 25 different wrestlers who have had official championship reigns. The longest reigning champions are The Dogs of War who held the titles for 370 days. Skhorn holds the record for longest combined reign at 1055 days and also holds the record for most reigns with 5. There have been 2 vacancies throughout the title's history.

The Savage Society are the current champions in their first reign, after defeating The UnAustralians (Kiwi Thriller & Sweet Assassin) at IPW's Greatest Christmas Ever on December 3, 2016, in Highland Park, Queensland.

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