IBUKI was a joshi promotion launched in 2005 by joshi veteran Mariko Yoshida. The promotion and it's goal were best summed up by its mission statement: “MARIKO YOSHIDA’s IBUKI Pro Wrestling sets the stage for the new breed of Joshi Pro Wrestlers to have constant training. Launched in 2005 in coorporation with S Ovation Co., Ltd., IBUKI holds events every 6 weeks in the Tokyo area. IBUKI keeps the door open to all Women Wrestlers in the entire world. IBUKI’s goal is to inject new energy into Women’s Pro Wrestling and with the help of Mariko Yoshida to train the next generation of Joshi Stars.” The promotion ran throughout Japan and, like the other joshi promotions, maintained its own stable of talent while cross-promoting with other joshi promotions. IBUKI closed on February 11, 2010 with the promotion's final 2 events, shutting its doors after over 4 1/2 years. There had been rumors for months of financial difficulties and that Mariko Yoshida was considering retiring due to inactivity for several months. 


IBUKI had no titles.


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