Horace Eugene White Jr. (born May 31) is an American professional wrestler. He works primarily as an independent wrestler.

Early life

White was born into a large family in New York. His mother encouraged him to "be what he wanted to be, not what people tell you to be." He was a troubled youth who admittedly believed in a lifestyle of stealing cars and selling drugs. After serving jail time and becoming a teenage father, White turned his life around for the better. White played basketball and earned a scholarship from his talent. His dreams of playing NBA basketball ended when he got injured. When White moved to Syracuse, New York, he discovered a new calling in the form of professional wrestling.


While watching television one day, White  came across a local promotion called The U.W.A. where he met legendary trainer Zackary Springate, the third who trained White and many others. Along the way Horace met "Strangler" Steve King who had words for White about the business. Since then White wrestled in and threw out western New York. Having done training seminars with former TNA's Shark Boy, ECW's Danny Doring, Glenn Spectra and former TNA talent "Mr. 630" Jerrelle Clark, an idol of White's. He also wrestled former WWE tag team The Heart Throbs. White has wrestled for U.W.A/N.E.W/NWA Upstate/O.S.P.W/IYFW/C.P.W/UW/ECPW.

White is the current head trainer for Pro Wrestling Hybrid (ECPW).

Championships and Accomplishments

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