High Risk Pro Wrestling was an Australian-based wrestling promotion that was founded in 2006. It was based out of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, and folded in 2015.


HRPW came into existence in September of 2006 when through a kayfabe storyline the formal merger of eXtreme Adelaide Wrestling and Australian National Wrestling was recognised. Blake Mitchell defeated Joe Mundie and Shylock in a triple threat match with both promotions at stake. This was after a similar stipulation in a previous contest in August was regarded as "controversial".

HRPW soon came to the attention to Adelaide wrestling fans with the appearance of Steve Corino and the involvement of other parties such as John E Radic. HRPW had a TV deal with Channel 31 in Adelaide to assist in promotion.

Over the years HRPW has hosted other well known wrestlers such as Raven, Orlando Jordan and Bob Holly.

HRPW held its last show on its own in Mildura in October 2014. It then joined forces with Snakepit Pro Wrestling in an invasion storyline. In June 2015 the business registration of HRPW was cancelled spelling the end of the promotion as an independent entity. In Snakepit storylines the name remains but nothing else.

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