HIAC 2020 Drew McIntyre v Randy Orton

There will be no escaping Randy Orton’s reign of terror at WWE Hell in a Cell, and that’s exactly the way WWE Champion Drew McIntyre wants it.

The two titans will clash in a WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match, as the cage lowers for the third installment of their rivalry. McIntyre outlasted Orton in a brutal showdown at SummerSlam with a crafty backslide to seal the win. The Viper continued his reign of terror with targeted kicks to the skull of McIntyre that put the champion’s immediate in-ring future in doubt.

The ghosts of Orton’s past caught up to him at WWE Clash of Champions, as Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Ric Flair and Christian got involved in an Ambulance Match, which was won by McIntyre. The defeat did nothing to humble the brash Superstar, as Orton went into disguise to launch one more attack on the four Legends of sports-entertainment on Raw. McIntyre came calling to return the favor and issue Orton a challenge he couldn’t possibly escape at WWE Hell in a Cell.

Will McIntyre finally end Orton’s streak of brutality? Or will The Legend Killer build an even more impressive legacy with a 14th World Championship win?

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