Heartbreak Hotel (Legends House) is the seventh episode of WWE Legends' House. It is the seventh overall episode.


This week, the Legends were contestants on their very own game show to see how well they knew each other. After cheating was revealed, the one and only Shawn Michaels stopped by to take the cast on a fishing adventure!


Following last week's very physical LARPing battle, the boys welcomed the chance to sit and relax with a group breakfast at a local bistro. But while the Legends were munching on steak and eggs, the House was being turned into a game show set. When Tony Atlas, Pat Patterson, and the rest of the cast returned, they discovered they’d all be contestants on The Legends’ House Game Show “How Well Do You Know Your Roommate?”

Hosted by comedian and actor Jeff Dye, and co-hosted by “Legends’ House” attaché Ashley – in a spectacular dress, to boot – the four sets of roommates battled to see who knew their bunkmate best. Though “Hacksaw” Jimmy Duggan and Roddy Piper were actually feeding the correct answers to one another, it would ultimately be Hillbilly Jim and Jimmy Hart that would win and earn professional tennis lessons as their prize. After the game, Piper – a villain at heart – couldn't help but reveal his team's scheming ways – sharing a hilarious mishap that had occurred between him and his partner-in-crime.

In a shock to the House, Piper announced he'd be taking a leave of absence to honor a prior engagement to sign autographs at a public appearance. While the absence of his roommate left “Hacksaw” restless and wandering, the House soon learned they were trading one Legend for another. Pulling up in a car was none other than HBK himself, Shawn Michaels. After a series of hugs and warm greetings, The Showstopper informed the Legends that they’d all be going fishing.

Out on Diamond Valley Lake, the cast shared laughs and conversation with Shawn, as several of the boys caught a fish. But, as The Showstopper said, “the best thing about being with friends in the great outdoors is being with friends in the great outdoors.”

Back at the House, the Legends cleaned and cut their catches, and cooked them up for dinner. “Mean” Gene and Patterson shared an emotional bonding moment with Shawn, who then bid the other Legends a fond farewell as the episode came to a close.

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