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Hanzo Nakajima is a Japanese professional wrestler.

Nakajima notably wrestled against Chris Jericho in the first round of the Super J Cup - SECOND STAGE tournament hosted by Wrestle Association-R in 1995.


Hanzo Nakajima debuted as "Leopardo Negro" in 1992 and mainly wrestled in Michinoku Pro Wrestling in the mid '90s. Nakajima also extensively toured in Europe in 1997. After suffering a serious injury in 1998, Nakajima decided to focus on training, and opened a fitness gym he called "HANZOgym." In 2000 he returned to activity, only wrestling on a sparse basis. In 2003, HANZO opened a wrestling dojo within the HANZOgym, and a year later he officially launched WRESTLEGATE, a small promotion with lucharesu as its trademark wrestling style. There his young trainees would wrestle with occasional participation by old Nakajima's friends.

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  • Backdrop Suplex Hold

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